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New Media WriterThe New Media Writer

By Sean Morey
Students who use The New Media Writer will learn how to interpret, plan, compose, revise, and disseminate new media they can use in their daily lives. Whether by standing out to potential employers by creating a video resume, making flyers to help find a lost pet, or creating a CNN iReport to bring attention to an important cause in their community, they will learn how to be a producer, rather than just a consumer, of new media.


Building Bridges through Writing Building Bridges through Writing

By Allison D. Smith and Trixie G. Smith with Holly Hamby
Building Bridges through Writing is an introductory composition text that covers the general writing process while dealing with the specifics of writing, conducting research, and documenting sources in the different disciplines of the academic community. It is designed to help students improve all of their writing, from freshman composition to general education courses, to senior-level courses in their majors.


PrimerThe Speaker's Primer

By Joseph M. Valenzano III, Stephen W. Braden, and Melissa Broeckelman-Post
Language and the ability to communicate are things that make human beings unique. Our ability to connect with others, share our thoughts, ideas, interests, and specialties makes our lives richer and more special. That is why communication skills and the ability to speak publicly and deliver presentations are key requirements in undergraduate education programs across the country. Learning how to communicate is an essential skill for any profession or vocation. The goal of this textbook is to quickly learn the various components of effective oral communication.


Praxis: A Brief Rhetoric Praxis

By Carol Lea Clark
Praxis is a truly "brief" text, yet it still provides a comprehensive presentation of core rhetorical principles. It informs students of the principles of historical rhetoric, including terms such as ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos, and then applies the concepts to modern issues.



SpeakerThe Speaker

The Tradition and Practice of Public Speaking,  2nd edition
By Joseph M. Valenzano III and Stephen W. Braden
In The Speaker, the authors bring tradition to the forefront of public speaking instruction while also maintaining the skills aspect. The text fuses the ageless speech principles with more contemporary advances. The authors help students understand the "why" behind the "how" of effective public speaking.


The V SeriesVSeries

Series Editors: Lee Bauknight & Brooke Rollins
The V Series is a new collection of single-topic readers that offer a comprehensive look at some of today's most pressing issues.


signsSigns: A Grammar Handbook

By Allison D. Smith
Signs offers students a concise grammar handbook at a very affordable price.

(Re)actions: Affecting Change Through Reactions Inquiry-Based Writing

By Katherine Frank
(Re)actions takes a unique and forward thinking approach to composition. The text asks students to solve problems and connect composition to the larger world through collaboration and communication.



signsThe Assignment: Why Am I Writing This Essay?

By Martin Nakell & Rebecca Goodman
The Assignment
is a developmental English text that takes a holistic approach to teaching students critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

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