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Public Speaking and Communication


Fountainhead Press is committed to publishing unique products in this tradition-rich rhetorical discipline. Our texts serve to illustrate the effective tools needed in communication and public speaking. These texts offer both classical traditions and modern understandings of rhetorical background and theory, as well as opportunities for practical applications.


Comprehensive attention is paid to the process and experience of what goes into composing and giving a speech for a multitude of audiences. Students will be able to make distinctions between persuasive, narrative, informative, and commemorative speeches, be able to reason through ethical issues, understand the structures of speech writing, and will build rhetorical strategies necessary for engaging any situation. Our authors take students through language, audience, and context awareness in order for them to participate in a tradition of oratory and civic engagement that dates back more than 2,000 years.


In addition, Fountainhead Press is always willing to work with clients to offer a more nuanced and individually custom-designed text.


Communication PathwaysValenzano, Broeckelman-Post, Parcell978-1-59871-807-2    The Speaker's PrimerValenzano, Braden, Broeckelman-Post978-1-68036-321-0      The SpeakerThe Tradition and Practice of Public Speaking, 3eValenzano/Braden978-1-59871-817-1