Publishing Innovations

for Higher Education


Create Your Own Reader


Let Fountainhead Press help you create a professionally produced Reader that is reasonably priced for your students.


  • We work with you to determine the appropriate budget (based on possible number of readings, term of contract, and number of students).
  • Your team selects the readings that work best for your department.
  • We permission each reading specifically for this product.
  • Fountainhead Press can pay an advance on royalty to the department so that you may hire someone to coordinate the selection of readings or write accompanying apparatus.
  • You retain the copyright of your product and grant us publishing rights for a specific term.
  • Fountainhead Press prints and delivers your affordable Personalized Reader for the start of classes.
  • You may alter selections from year to year, and you are not charged for unused inventory or desk copies.
  • Fountainhead Press pays a generous royalty to the department for your contributions to this product.



The Benefits

  • We offer personalized, four-color, laminated covers.
  • Students receive an affordable, quality text.
  • You teach from the exact readings that you prefer.
  • Royalty revenue is generated for your department.
  • Should you seek a larger market for your product, Fountainhead Press offers extended marketing opportunities.


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