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Custom Communication Workbooks/Program Guide

Fountainhead Press will work with you and your institution to create a specific text and/or workbook for your Introduction to Communication/Public Speaking course. You have the option of including material that is specific to your course and institution along with our core text material, student activities, speech evaluation forms, grading criteria, outlines, peer workshops, plagiarism policies, sample student speeches, profiles of outstanding graduates, career opportunities, and much more.


This basic text can grow over time to replace numerous other texts either required or recommended in your program. You provide Fountainhead Press with electronic files, and we do the rest, including design, page layout, permissioning, and proofing.



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Communicating EffectivelySimonds, Hunt, SImonds     The Communication ContinuumHobbs978-1-59871-601-6     Communication as Critical InquirySimonds, Hunt, SImonds     The Speaking/Writing Connection: A RhetoricRyan, Wiant978-1-68036-149-0