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The Digital Writer

Sean Morey

Print ISBN: 978-1-68036-354-8

The Digital Writer is a next-generation introduction to writing that posits that most writing students do is already digital. Toward this premise, The Digital Writer builds upon writing that students do in their everyday lives and focuses these skills toward the kinds of texts they will create in their academic and professional careers. Although situated in traditional concepts, elements of argument, and rhetoric, The Digital Writer extends instruction to digital rhetorics and technologies and explains to students how digital writing makes use of classical concepts of writing, yet requires new and emerging practices that will continue to evolve.


Textbook Features

  • Focus on digital media as writing
  • Focus on digital writing as rhetoric
  • Individual treatment of digital images and digital video
  • Video tutorials
  • Examples of in-depth analysis
  • Modern and traditional examples
  • Hyperlinked examples
  • Readings from other digital writers
  • Adaptable assignments
  • Appendix A includes MLA and APA resources
  • Appendix B includes digital composition tools


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Digital Writing

Chapter 2: Digital Rhetoric

Chapter 3: Digital Arguments

Chapter 4: Digital Analysis

Chapter 5: Digital Audiences

Chapter 6: Digital Research

Chapter 7: Digital Genres

Chapter 8: Digital Images

Chapter 9: Digital Video

Chapter 10: Digital Editing

Chapter 11: Digital Delivery

Appendix A: Digital Documentation

Appendix B: Digital  Tools and Techniques




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