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Editors: Lee Bauknight and Brooke Rollins



Green is the first release in a new collection of single-topic readers that offer a unique look at some of today’s most pressing issues. Selections include lyrics and poetry, memoirs, and other personal writing; an excerpt from a graphic novel and other visual texts; researched arguments, guides, magazine and newspaper pieces, and book chapters. Each of these selections stand on their own as a significant contribution to the public discourse about the environment, and taken together they create a narrative—a complicated story about America’s relationship to, appropriation of, and identification with nature.


In addition to written and visual texts, Green includes invention, research, and composing prompts that help students add their voice to the ongoing conversations about the environment. And students will do more than write here: prompts and other assignments in the book encourage them to explore various modes of communication—designing a website, producing videos, and creating posters; conducting primary and secondary research; and developing projects with community partners that might incorporate any number of these skills.


The goal of this text is to help writing students think, explore, skillfully compose texts in a variety of media and genres, and ultimately find their own voice.


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