Fiercely Independent


Editor: Kenneth M. Gillam



This book offers perspectives on money in many of its manifestations: the tangible, the abstract, the necessary, the luxuriant, the identity-formative, the ethical. There are pieces that discuss having a lot of money and pieces that describe having very little. Included are humor, satire, lamentations, analyses, explorations, and complaints. The selections represent a variety of voices with a variety of concerns. These writers explain how money functions, how the middle class has changed over a generation, why college costs so much, and why minimum wage workers can’t always just pull themselves up by their bootstraps.


These articles, excerpts, songs, and images will give students a wider perspective on money as an incredibly powerful entity—from the economic systems that make it work, to the social systems that can’t work without it, to the people on whom money works its influence.


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