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Fountainhead Press maintains its position in the center of new developments in multiple disciplines by releasing texts that are user-friendly, affordable, and effective. Since its founding, Fountainhead Press has focused on English, writing, and communication with sciences having recently been added to our custom offerings. This year, we are pleased to add another discipline to our rapidly expanding catalog.


Joining our list of science products in spring 2017 is our first psychology text: Psychology: The Science of Who We Are. University of Central Arkansas professors and authors Shawn Charlton, Ken Sobel, and Susan Sobel wanted to produce a psychology textbook that met General Psychology course guidelines and department student learning outcomes without the high price tag or massive size of many psychology books used around the country. The authors also sought to design a manageable number of chapters that would fit into the traditional weekly course structure. Psychology is a student and instructor-friendly introduction to the discipline—Fountainhead Press’s response to overgrown, late-edition psychology textbooks.


Psychology: The Science of Who We AreCharlton, Sobel, Sobel978-1-68036-395-1