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In the vitally important and ever-expanding field of the sciences—from biology, microbiology, and botany to controversial debates within the scientific community—Fountainhead Press provides a variety of instructional texts to serve instructor and student needs.

At Fountainhead Press, the user comes first. Many instructors and students, particularly in the sciences, are frustrated by prohibitively expensive texts that contain unnecessary material, texts that may be frequently rereleased as insubstantially revised new editions. There are various ways in which we ensure that the focus in the science classroom is placed back on education:

  • As an instructor, you may choose professionally-developed content from us, we can work with you to create your own content, or you may choose a combination of the two; this applies to textbooks and lab manuals. This allows you to tailor courses to your needs—no more having your syllabi dictated by the textbook.
  • Because we work with you to meet your course needs, our texts often cost less than half the price of traditional texts. You also control the update and revision cycle, which keeps texts affordable and relevant for students.

Fountainhead Press understands the growing need in the sciences, and we are here to provide up-to-date, critically engaging texts for both the classroom and the laboratory.


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