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A Grammar Handbook

Allison D. Smith


This scene is all too common in campus bookstores across the country: students dismayed at the high cost of textbooks. Understandably, students don’t see the value of a product that has increased in price at twice the rate of inflation over the last 20 years. It doesn’t have to be this way. A textbook can be interesting, informative, and affordable.


Allison D. Smith and Fountainhead Press have teamed up to publish Signs: A Grammar Handbook, a low-cost, student-friendly grammar handbook. By focusing on essentials and eliminating wasteful content, such as unused and unwanted support material, we have created a quality textbook that costs half that of comparable offerings.


Textbook Features

  • Presents grammar and usage in context with related sentences and exercises
  • Provides special focus on the most common writing problems
  • Includes features such as “Helpful Hints” and “Did You Know?” to provide background or historical information
  • New MLA and APA guidelines
  • Revision and Editing symbols located on the inside back cover for easy reference
  • Contains a laminated Quick Editing Roadmap insert to help students revise and proofread

Support Materials


Answers to Book Exercises


Additional Exercises


Sample Annotated Essays



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