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The Assignment

Why Am I Writing this Assignment?

Rebecca Goodman and Martin Nakell



The Assignment is written with one central belief—that humans have an essential urge to express themselves—and that students, given the proper foundation and inspiration, will gladly convey that inclination through their writings.


To lay this foundation the authors have chosen readings that present myths regarding the origins of language from cultures around the world. These selections reveal the invention of language as central to every culture, and in a sense, so enveloped in mystery that every society has developed a legend to give substance to this discovery. And just as students are asked to explore “why” language was invented iphone 5 cases , they are also asked to ponder “why they are writing this essay.” Answering this question will help students develop their thesis and understand that when they care, they write better essays.



Textbook Features

  • More than Just Writing – The Assignment presents the art of reading and thinking critically, skills that enable students to come to a conscious appreciation of the significance of language in their lives.
  • Grammar in Context – Grammar is introduced throughout each section within the context of the readings and writing assignments.
  • Origins of Language – Each section contains a reading that explains the myth behind the origins of language from world cultures.
  • Integrated Approach – Each progressive section is built around the three core components of literacy – the art of language, the act of reading, and the act of writing.
  • Numerous Examples, Exercises, and Assignments – Every chapter has short answer questions as well as more lengthy projects and writing assignments.


Sample Syllabi

One Semester Sample Syllabus


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