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Chapter 5, p. 122 – Write Now

The choices writers make when summarizing events and people’s lives have ethical and moral implications. Based on these summaries, what impressions do you have of the kind of person Hingston was, or the kind of work he did, or the circumstances surrounding the avalanche? Identify aspects of the summaries of Hingston’s life and the Mount Everest avalanche that might shape readers’ perceptions. What other kinds of details might have been included that could have impacted or changed your impressions of Hingston and his work? Choose either an event or a person from your life, one that is likely relatively unknown to others, and write a brief (100-150 words) summary of that event or person’s experience. Imagine you are writing for general readers such as those who visit Wikipedia.

Avalanche near the Khumbu Icefall on Mount Everest


Chapter 2, p. 37 – Write Now

Think back to moments in the past when you have provided or received feedback on a piece of writing. The feedback could be from a peer, friend, colleague, or teacher. What makes feedback more or less effective? Do you remember any particular feedback you received? What makes this feedback stand out? What’s hard about providing feedback to others? Share your thoughts below.

How have your experiences with feedback helped you improve your writing?

Chapter 2, p. 27 – Write Now

Think about a writing project you will be completing this term. Write for five minutes about your aims and purpose: What do you home to accomplish with this piece of writing? Who do you hope reads it? Why? Where are you planning on sending/publishing the final version? How will your awareness of purpose and aims help shape your pre-writing plans for the writing project?

How are you going to approach this writing project?