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Editor: Isabel Baca



Borders examines the geographical, political, and cultural region of the Southwest, an area also known as the borderland—a region that spans both the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. It focuses on “The Border,” a geographical demarcation separating the U.S. and Mexico, especially along the Rio Grande. But it goes beyond the physical line that separates both countries. It explores the “cultural borders” that individuals living in this region experience—conflicts over individual identity, literacy issues, social position, and a sense of belonging within one or both cultures.


In addition to the reading selections, Borders includes research, invention, and composing prompts and activities. As students read through these selections and complete the various exercises, projects, and assignments, they will be exposed to different views on borders and immigration. They will write essays, conduct interviews, give presentations, work collaboratively with classmates, and even work within their community.


These readings will encourage students to think and reflect on the different borders existing in their lives. The selections will push students to think critically about the idea of borders and why humans seek to cross them, whether to survive, to be heard, to be noticed and recognized, or to change their lives.




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