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Committed to meeting the needs of both students and composition faculty, Fountainhead Press values and produces work informed by current rhetoric and composition research. Our rhetoricians are constantly in contact with innovative ideas surfacing from our close relationship with students and composition faculty across the nation. Fountainhead Press is devoted to questioning critically the changing demographics in composition, rhetoric, students, and faculty without ignoring the societal impact of these changes. Bringing attention to the importance of connecting our academic, social, and electronic identities, our texts are written inside borders where diverse perspectives come into contact to produce complex ideas that generate ways to analyze rhetoric in its many uses and functions. These ideas have undergone intensive refinement by our rhetoricians and appear in various collections categorized by topic to improve our readers' journey. Our goal is to make our rhetoric relevant outside academia by producing texts that speak to our postmodern American lifestyle and outline the symbiotic nature between the scholar, personal, and digital.




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