Fiercely Independent

Getting the Right Job

Munson, Frank & Jane Willis


Getting the Right Job is  a valuable assessment tool for job seekers and career counselors. The book is designed to help job seekers discover and capitalize on their particular strengths, skills, and interests. This curriculum is available to colleges, universities, career and guidance counselors, and anyone assisting high school, undergraduate, professional, or military job seekers.


The book includes a unique access code for a self-assessment through Birkman International.


Table of Contents

1. Assessing Your State of Mind

2. What Motivates You in the Workplace?

3. Perception is Reality – What is Your Personal Brand?

4. Career Direction

5. Evaluating Your Accomplishments

6. Creating your Marketing Materials (print and electronic)

7. Preparing for a Successful Interview

8. Networking

9. Defining the Search Parameters

10. Developing Your Marketing Plan

11. Implementing Your Search

12. Understanding the Sourcing & Screening Process

13. Preparing for a Specific Interview

14. Assessing the Offers and Negotiating the Deal

15. Transitioning to the Job