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The New Media Writer

Sean Morey

Print ISBN: 978-1-59871-780-8

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-59871-781-5

Students who use The New Media Writer will learn how to interpret, plan, compose, revise, and disseminate new media they can use in their daily lives. Whether by standing out to potential employers by creating a video resume, making flyers to help find a lost pet, or creating a CNN iReport to bring attention to an important cause in their community, they will learn how to be a producer, rather than just a consumer, of new media.


Textbook Features

  • Focuses not only on analyzing, but also producing new media works
  • Uses the rhetorical tetrahedron as a framework for explaining multiple audiences, designs, genres, mediums, and authors that shift and evolve due to electronic dissemination
  • Contains hyperlinked examples
  • Available in both digital and print formats
  • Digital format engages the student with interactive tools and content
  • Includes engaging assignments students will use in their daily lives, including a video resume, photo essay, flyer, video essay, iReport, podcast, advertisement, blog, and brand creation



Table of Contents

  1. Making Connections
  2. Visual Rhetoric
  3. Reading Visual Arguments
  4. Media Convergence
  5. Scouting Media Environments & Ecologies
  6. Screening Audiences & Actors
  7. Pre-Production (Research)
  8. Story Development (Argument)
  9. Scripts (Writing)
  10. Design
  11. Editing
  12. Delivery





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