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A Brief Rhetoric 3/e

Carol Lea Clark

ISBN: 978-1-59871-950-5

Praxis is a truly "brief" text at only 250 pages, yet it still provides a comprehensive presentation of core rhetorical principles. It informs students of the principles of historical rhetoric, including terms such as ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos, and then applies the concepts to modern issues such as the revolutionary uses of twitter and climate change. This framework enables students to become critical consumers of the flood of persuasive media that compete for their attention.


Moreover, Praxis encourages students to employ this rhetorical framework of concepts to the creation of their own texts. Each chapter features readings, activities, and assignments, some serious and thought provoking, while others are creative and fun.


The key to this text is flexibility. It can be used as a stand-alone rhetoric with limited readings, or in conjunction with other readers such as the Fountainhead Press V Series.


Praxis moves the student from theory to practical reason to action!


Textbook Features

  • Flexible
  • Inexpensive
  • Hot topics: executions, climate change, Facebook, and more
  • E-based exercises and projects
  • New readings
  • New coverage of stasis theory
  • New interactive activities
  • New Praxis in Action contributions at the beginning of each chapter

New to the Third Edition

  • All new Praxis in Action contributions from student scholars across the country
  • More than 50 new or revised individual and group activities including adapting an argument for different modalities and developing types of arguments
  • Updated reading selections to reflect current cultural, political, technological, and other discussions that directly affect the contemporary student
  • New support on responding to the rhetorical situation
  • Entirely new chapter 6, “Revising Rhetorically,” with more guided revision and editing activities
  • Added coverage of planning and synthesizing research and the survey as research


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Defining Rhetoric

Chapter 2: Responding Rhetorically

Chapter 3: Persuading Rhetorically

Chapter 4: Inventing Rhetorically

Chapter 5: Writing Rhetorically

Chapter 6: Revising Rhetorically

Chapter 7: Researching Rhetorically

Appendix: Citing Sources




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