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Fountainhead Press maintains its position at the center of new developments in multiple disciplines by releasing texts that are user-friendly, affordable, and effective. Since its founding, Fountainhead Press has focused on English, writing, and communication, with sciences and psychology having recently been added to our offerings. A few years ago we added another discipline to our rapidly expanding catalog: Spanish.

En familia is an introductory Spanish text developed by long-time community college instructor Ed Lazzara, who saw students struggling to make practical use of overwhelming and overpriced language texts. He wrote a text rich with language and culture lessons that is accessible to students while providing them with the essential skills for communicating in Spanish. He contextualizes these lessons by introducing them alongside a fictitious Latino family of 12 members, spanning four generations, who provide a backdrop of real-life situations and entertaining stories and who give the book its title.

In addition to placing language learning in a relatable context, the text presents material in a straightforward way, with each lesson divided into three parts: vocabulary, grammar, and culture. For students, this means that they encounter all three aspects of language learning on a daily basis, reinforcing the importance of each facet for growing their knowledge. For instructors, this organization results in individual sections that can be taught in one-hour lessons that remain digestible and comprehensive. En familia also boasts a modern design that includes visual representations of vocabulary words that, together with the grammar and culture lessons, add up to a rich, multi-faceted resource for beginning Spanish learners.


En FamiliaAn Introduction to Spanish, 2017 ed.Lazzara   En FamiliaAn Introduction to Spanish, 2016 ed.Lazzara