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V Series


The Fountainhead Press V Series is a new collection of single-topic readers that offer a comprehensive look at some of today’s most pressing issues. Designed to give writing students a more nuanced introduction to public discourse, the books feature invention, research, and writing prompts that can be adapted to nearly any kind of college writing class.



  • Inexpensive
  • Timely issues that students encounter on a daily basis
  • Multi-genre and multimodal readings
  • Assignments and projects that go beyond the page, including website design, poster layouts, and video presentations
  • Thorough research assignments that require students to collect and synthesize primary and secondary material
  • Community involvement projects
  • Printed on recycled paper


Books in the Series

FunnyCucinella978-1-59871-801-0 (E)tunesTaylor978-1-59871-662-7 SportWright978-1-59871-482-1 HealthIyengar, Kellar978-1-59871-632-0 AuthenticityBorrowman978-1-59871-633-7 DeathSmith978-1-59871-553-8 MonstersBlake, Cooper978-1-59871-483-8 MoneyGillam978-1-59871-480-7 BordersBaca978-1-59871-472-2 (E)dentityVie978-1-59871-457-9 FoodBauknight, Rollins978-1-59871-431-9 GreenBauknight, Rollins978-1-59871-415-9