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X Series for Professional Development


The X Series for Professional Development is a new series for the professional development of both new and experienced teachers of English, including:

  • New Teaching Assistants, Adjuncts, and Instructors teaching writing and/or literature
  • Writing Program Administrators interested in the creation of professional development courses or programs
  • Writing Center personnel
  • Writing Across the Curriculum personnel
  • Service Learning personnel


Fountainhead Press plans to publish two to three books in the series per year with the assistance of series editors Allison D. Smith and Trixie G. Smith, authors of COMPbiblio: Leaders and Influences in Composition Theory and Practice, the first book in the series.


Each of the X Series books is extensively reviewed during the proposal process to determine whether it is suitable to be included in the series. Once the book is selected for inclusion it continues to be rigorously reviewed during the developmental process by both our series Editors and External Anonymous Peers within the appropriate field.


Books in the Series

COMPbiblio: Leaders and Influences in Composition Theory and Practice978-1-59871-070-0This book enables students and instructors to access biographical and scholarly information about leading figures in the field of composition and other fields directly related to the study and teaching of composition.     (E)Merging Identities: Graduate Students in the Writing Center978-1-59871-184-4(E)Merging Identities provides an overview of the challenges and rewards that await graduate student clients, tutors, and administrators in the writing center.        Writing and the iGeneration: Composition in the Computer-Mediated Classroom978-1-59871-301-5This text provides selections that range from how to use technology to build a community of writers to integrating and shaping electronic locations for effective writing.     Diversity in the Composition Classroom978-1-59871-252-0This collection of essays is designed to enhance understanding of the challenges students face relative to the work we are asking them to do. The authors seek ways to honor students’ experiences and insights while introducing them to new ideas and ways of thinking.    Movies, Music and More: Advancing Popular Culture in the Writing Classroom978-1-59871-309-1This book contains the insights of teachers who have used popular culture to inspire student writing. Examples are included from teachers of traditional writing classes who introduce a few elements of popular culture to those who host entire classes in virtual worlds.Teaching Creative Writing to Undergraduates: A Practical Guide and Sourcebook978-1-59871-253-7This text is written for the graduate student or novice instructor who is about to teach his or her first creative writing class.         Web 2.0Applications for Composition Classrooms978-1-59871-312-1This book asks college writing instructors to speak about how and why they teach writing while using technologies and, in particular, Web 2.0 applications. Of their writing classes, specifically, it asks, "Is there an app for that?"     Adding to the Conversation on Service-Learning in Composition: Taking a Closer Look978-1-59871-310-7This book is a welcomed result to a need for more discussion in the area of Service Learning.          What We Wish We'd KnownNegotiating Graduate School978-1-59871-526-2This book contains 15 chapters written by graduate students who explore the ways they have made sense of, and made choices about, graduate school challenges, including choosing a committee, teaching as a graduate student, and writing a dissertation.   MetamorphosisThe Effects of Professional Development on Graduate Students978-1-59871-311-4This book is an edited collection of essays that examines the effects of professional development activities on graduate students from the graduate student perspective.         Peer Pressure, Peer PowerTheory and Practice in Peer Review and Response for the Writing Classroom978-1-59871-590-3This book delivers original essays that engage tough pedagogical questions from authors who resist easy answers. This collection includes essays that examine the nature of peer response in theory and in practice from scholars representing composition-rhetoric, writing center, and WAC/WID across the country.     Writing Centers and Disability978-1-59871-591-0This book brings together forward-thinking scholars in writing center theory and practice and disability studies for important critical discussions. This book should be required reading for all who care about optimal, equitable, and inclusive learning for everyone—whether disabled or able-for-now.